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[28.02.11 12:01]

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  • Iran, Oman hold 2nd joint naval drill – Press TV, 09.02.2011 – The Islamic Republic of Iran and Oman have started their second joint naval relief and rescue drill in the north of Omani Sultan Qaboos Port.
  • Pirates seize US vessel near Oman – Al Jazeera, 19.02.2011 – Fifty-eight foot American-owned yacht seized off the coast of Oman with four US citizens on board, officials say.
  • Oman shuffles cabinet amid protests – Al Jazeera, 26.02.2011 – Sultan reshuffles cabinet and boosts student allowances as rare protest barricades shoppers in industrial city of Sohar.
  • Amira Al Hussaini: Oman: The People Want an End to Corruption – Global Voices, 26.02.2011 -“The people want an end to corruption” chanted thousands of Omanis, who have been protesting since Friday in Salalah and Sohar, as well as other parts of Oman. Last week’s similar – but smaller protests in Sohar and Muscat – have brought about a cabinet reshuffle today, where Oman’s Sultan Qaboos bin Said changed six ministers. The announcement was made today but that didn’t seem to stop the wave of protesters who have gathered to demand more rights over the previous two days. According to Dhofari Gucci, who blogs from Salalah, the protesters demands are as follows: (1) An end to corruption in the government. (2) More jobs for people in need. (3) increase in salaries for the poor, widows and divorced women. (4) Lowering prices. (5) An end to financial and administrative wasta (influence/nepotism) in the government and private sector. (6) And other demands.
  • Nach Massendemo in Oman: Sultan verfügt soziale Reformen und Regierungsumbildung – RIA Novosti, 27.02.2011 – Der Sultan von Oman, Qaboos ben Said, hat jetzt sein Kabinett umbesetzt, eine Rentenreform vorgenommen und Studentenstipendien anheben lassen.
  • Unruhen: Zwei Tote bei Unruhen in Oman – n-tv.de / dpa, 27.02.2011 – Nicht nur in Libyen auch in anderen Teilen der arabischen Welt halten die Proteste an. Bei einem Polizeieinsatz gegen Demonstranten im Golf-Sultanat Oman sind zwei Menschen getötet worden. Das teilten Mediziner in der Stadt Sohar mit. Dort hatten etwa 2000 Menschen seit gestern für politische Reformen demonstriert. Die Polizei hatte zunächst Tränengas eingesetzt. Dann habe sie auf die Demonstranten geschossen, berichteten Augenzeugen.
  • Oman: Sultan Qabus bin Said entlässt sechs Minister – IRIB, 27.02.2011 – Zur Beruhigung der Bürgerproteste im Sultanat Oman hat der König des Landes sechs seiner Kabinettsminister entlassen.
  • Zwei omanische Bürger kamen bei Angriff der Sicherheitskräfte ums Leben – IRIB, 27.02.2011 – Laut IRNA sind heute bei den Angriffen der Sicherheitskräfte auf die Protestierenden in der omanischen Provinz Bateneh, im Norden des Landes, 2 Personen durch Schüsse ums Leben gekommen, 8 weitere wurden verletzt.
  • Oman reshuffles cabinet to halt protests – Press TV, 27.02.2011 – Omani ruler Sultan Qaboos has changed six ministers in his cabinet and raised stipends for university students in an attempt to prevent further protests in the tiny Persian Gulf country.
  • Deaths in Oman protests – Al Jazeera, 27.02.2011 – At least two people reportedly killed in industrial town of Sohar as police clash with anti-government demonstrators.
  • ‚Two killed‘ during Oman protests – BBC News Middle East, 27.02.2011 – At least two people are reported killed in the Gulf state of Oman, in clashes between security forces and protesters demanding political reform, reports say.
  • Two demonstrators killed in Oman rally – Press TV, 27.02.2011 – Two people have been killed in Oman after security forces opened fire at protesters in Sohar industrial city, northwest of the capital Muscat.
  • Buildings on fire amid Oman clashes – Press TV, 27.02.2011 – Following clashes between Omani security forces and anti-government protesters, a police station and a government building have been set on fire.
  • Six killed, 5 wounded in Oman clashes – Press TV, 28.02.2011 – Security forces have clashed with anti-government demonstrators in northern Oman, killing six people and injuring five others.
  • Omanis continue anti-govt. protests – Press TV, 28.02.2011 – Omani demonstrators continue their anti-government protests on the streets of the tiny Persian Gulf country as the death toll of Sunday rallies reaches six.
  • Protesters defy crackdown in Oman – Al Jazeera, 28.02.2011 – Health minister says one person died in anti-government demonstrations, but hospital sources say six people were killed.
  • Oman protests despite reform vow – BBC News Middle East, 28.02.2011 – Protesters take to the streets in Oman for a third day, despite ruler Sultan Qaboos‘ promise of reforms and more jobs.
  • Looting reported amid Oman protests – Al Jazeera, 28.02.2011 – Demonstrations calling for economic changes continue into third day in northeastern city of Sohar.
  • Police crackdown against protests in Egypt, Oman – World Socialist Web Site, 28.02.2011 – Egyptian military police attacked and beat protesters Saturday in Tahrir Square, the focal point of the mass popular movement that forced the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak two weeks ago.
  • Omani police clash with protesters – Press TV, 28.02.2011 – Clashes have erupted between Omani police and protesters in the key industrial area of Sohar a day after police crackdown left six people dead in the country.
  • Oman: Protests continue in Sohar – Global Voices, 28.02.2011.
  • Demonstranten im Sultanat Oman blockieren Hafen – NZZ Online, 28.02.2011 – Zahl der Toten steigt – Raffinerie besetzt.
  • «Oman beklagt sechs Protestopfer» – Tagesanzeiger.ch, 28.02.2011 – Was berichten libysche und andere nordafrikanische Blogs und Websites über den Aufstand gegen Ghadhafi?
  • Ölraffinerie in Oman von Demonstranten blockiert – euronews, 28.02.2011 – In Oman haben Demonstranten in der Hafenstadt Sohar die Wege zum Hafen und der Raffinerie blockiert. Etwa 1000 Menschen gingen erneut gegen den…
  • Demonstranten in Oman blockieren Hafen – Rote Fahne News, 28.02.2011 – Die Massenproteste im Nahen Osten haben am Wochenende auch das Sultanat Oman erreicht …
  • Protestwelle in Arabien: Demonstranten in Oman blockieren Hafen – SPIEGEL ONLINE, 28.02.2011 – Die Protestwelle in der arabischen Welt droht nun auch Oman zu erfassen. In dem Sultanat kamen offenbar mehrere Menschen bei Demonstrationen ums Leben – Protestierende halten die Zufahrtsstraßen zum Hafen in Sohar besetzt.
  • Proteste und Gespräche in Oman – NZZ Online, 28.02.2011 – Demonstranten in Bahrain blockieren Parlament.
[04.03.11 13:58]

Links & News März 2011:

  • Oman: Unruhen und Proteste weiten sich aus – IRIB, 01.03.2011 – Bei Protesten für politische Reformen sind im Sultanat Oman mindestens sechs Menschen ums Leben gekommen.
  • Proteste im Golf-Sultanat Oman – euronews, 01.03.2011 – In der Industriestadt Sohar im Golf-Sultanat Oman ist bei Zusammenstößen zwischen Demonstranten und dem Militär ein Mensch verletzt worden.
  • Proteste in Sohar: Weitere Ausschreitungen im Oman nicht wahrscheinlich – Breakfastpaper.de, 01.03.2011.
  • Fresh protests break out in Oman – Al Jazeera, 01.03.2011 – Troops in Gulf state fire in the air on fourth day of rallies demanding jobs and political reform.
  • US calls on Oman to show restraint – Press TV, 01.03.2011 – Washington has called on Omani authorities to exercise restraint amid pro-democracy protests that have killed several people in the Persian Gulf state.
  • Protester injured in northern Oman – Press TV, 01.03.2011 – Omani troops have wounded a demonstrator in the northern port city of Sohar, as they fired to disperse a crowd of anti-government protesters.
  • Iran, Oman seek to bolster ties – Press TV, 02.03.2011 – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for further cooperation with Oman, underscoring the importance of closer ties between Tehran and Muscat.
  • Sultan’s troubles – BBC News Middle East, 02.03.2011 – Could the Gulf state of Oman turn into the ’next Egypt‘?
  • Proteste in Oman und Jemen gehen weiter – Rote Fahne News, 02.03.2011 – In Oman blockierten am Montag Demonstranten die Hafenzufahrt in der Stadt Sohar und gingen gegen eine Polizeistation vor …
  • ‚ME turmoil reflects West’s bankruptcy‘ – Press TV, 02.03.2011 – The US has called on Omani authorities to exercise restraint amid pro-democracy protests that have resulted in the death of several people in the Persian Gulf state.
  • Oman uses tanks to disperse protesters – Press TV, 03.03.2011 – Omani forces have used tanks to disperse anti-government protesters blocking roads spanning the industrial city of Sohar and the capital Muscat.
  • Hundreds of protesters camp in Muscat – Press TV, 03.03.2011 – Hundreds of Omani anti-government protesters have camped outside the Consultative Council in the capital Muscat to demand political reform and better life conditions.
  • Oman’s non-revolution – BBC News Middle East, 03.03.2011 – Protests in sultanate unlikely to go same way as Egypt or Tunisia.
  • Gulf states to aid unrest-hit Bahrain, Oman – Google News, 03.03.2011 – Energy rich Gulf states plan to launch a massive Marshall-style plan to assist Bahrain and Oman which have been hit by unrest, Kuwait’s Al-Qabas newspaper reported. …
  • Gulf States Plan Aid Package for Bahrain, Oman – Wall Street Journal, 03.03.2011 – Gulf officials are planning an economic aid package for Bahrain and Oman, a Bahraini official said Thursday, in an effort to support the two countries in the oil-rich region …
  • Bahrain and Oman aid mooted – Financial Times, 03.03.2011 – The Arab Gulf states are mulling a large aid package for Bahrain and Oman as they seek to keep a lid on growing unrest by increasing public spending, officials say. …
  • Fresh Protests Break Out In Oman – IPS News, 03.03.2011 – Fresh protests have taken place in the Gulf sultanate of Oman, following a wave of pro-democracy demonstrations across the Arab world. The unrest in Sohar has been a rare outbreak of discontent in the normally calm sultanate of Oman.
  • Wieder Proteste im Jemen und in Oman – Deutsche Welle, 04.03.2011.

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